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Ukraine’s Leading Soccer Team Dynamo Kyiv to Sell NFT Tickets

FC Dynamo Kyiv, the top team in the Ukrainian Premier League, is launching NFT tickets for the 2021 season. The legendary football club, which has the biggest fan following in Ukraine, is also going to offer supporters unique collectible items through a partnership with a blockchain company.

Dynamo Kyiv Tickets to Be Listed on Binance NFT

The NFT tickets will be listed on the Binance NFT marketplace at the end of June. The sale is part of the “100 Creators Campaign” organized to celebrate the launch of the platform. Dynamo Kyiv plans to continue to regularly offer NFTs, including collectibles. Its ticketing initiative is facilitated by Moonwalk, a U.S.-based blockchain company.

Moonwalk’s platform enables the integration of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into physical and virtual event ticket sales, e-commerce, consumer reward schemes, and payment networks. Since January, the company is developing Dynamo’s digital economy which includes a token ecosystem within the team’s stadium and throughout the Ukrainian capital. FC Dynamo Kyiv Vice President Mark Ginzburg, who leads the team’s innovation efforts, stated:

The tokenization of the legendary club is not a tribute to fashion and not following an opportunistic hype. We have a well-calculated strategy and follow a clear goal – to make Dynamo, the best club in Ukraine, the greatest technological leader of football in Europe within the next two years.

“Dynamo Kyiv has established itself as an incredibly forward-thinking franchise as the team has developed new ways to engage with their fans, communities, and partners,” commented Moonwalk co-founder Greg Consiglio. The executive noted that the tickets are part of a wider reward ecosystem that will also allow fans to collect NFT game memorabilia.


Dynamo to Offer 25% of Its Home Game Tickets as NFTs

Binance NFT and Moonwalk will be the exclusive NFT ticket providers for Dynamo Kyiv, the football club announced on its website. With the start of the new season, game-related NFTs will also be launched on Binance NFT. Gleb Kostarev, Binance Director for Eastern Europe, commented:

Dynamo Kyiv has an outstanding history and one of the biggest fan bases in Ukraine. We are excited to announce this collaboration, and for sure, the users have been looking forward to it as well.

The regional executive of the leading global crypto exchange expressed his belief that NFT tickets will soon become something ordinary for football fans. Kostarev is convinced that Binance NFT Marketplace will be one of the leading platforms for NFT ticketing.

Dynamo plans to offer over a quarter of its tickets for home games as NFTs. Even during the shorter 2019-20 season, the team managed to sell more than 400,000 tickets for matches in Kyiv, where its 70,000 capacity Olimpiyskiy stadium is located. The press release details that fans can use the NFTs to unlock game tickets, exclusive rewards, and drops through the team’s Moonwalk digital wallet.

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