TG.Casino Launches Gaming Token with 4000%+ APY, Presale Raises Over $100,000 in Minutes From Web3 Whales

TG.Casino Launches Gaming Token with 4000%+ APY, Presale Raises Over $100,000 in Minutes From Web3 Whales

Source / TG.Casino

Thursday, September 21st, 2023 – TG.Casino gaming crypto presale launches today and has already raised $140,000 in minutes – $TGC token looks set to be the next Telegram bot token to explode.

The crypto gambling and gaming industry – GambleFi – is booming, and TG.Casino is the No.1 Telegram casino, placing it at the forefront of sector innovation and value creation.

Setting it apart, TG.Casino is one of the few licensed Telegram casino and sportsbook offerings, putting it at an advantage over unregulated competitors that play fast and loose with customer deposits.

What’s more, TG.Casino’s secure and regulated environment supports anonymous and instant Web3 deposits and withdrawals, while leveraging the competitive benefits of blockchain to deliver trust, transparency, easy no-KYC access, and security for its users.


$TGC is on sale now for $0.125. The token can be bought with ETH or BNB and USDT (ERC-20 and BEP-20).

TG.Casino token runs on the Ethereum blockchain and has a total token supply of 100 million. It is targeting a raise total of $5 million. 

Alongside its Telegram version, TG.Casino will also be made available on mobile devices.

For peace of mind, token buyers can rest assured in the knowledge that the project’s smart contract is audited by leading blockchain security firm Coinsult. 

Source / T.G Casino

TG.Casino token exploits the power of Telegram and is better than Unibot

Telegram is not just one of the fastest-growing messaging services, it is the most powerful, as the leader in automation, application hosting, and end-to-end encryption security. 

The Telegram app also happens to be the go-to app for everyone involved in the crypto industry, making it the ideal hunting ground for ambitious crypto projects to amplify product visibility and scale adoption.

TG.Casino token exploits the power of a platform that has spawned success stories such as Unibot, which brings advanced trading strategies within easy reach of all Telegram users. TG.Casino is doing the same for the GambleFi segment.

Furthermore, TG.Casino token’s presale launch comes at a time when gambling/gaming tokens such as Rollbit, Hamsters and Bullet Game have soared in popularity.

Source / Dune Analytics

Source: Dune

And then there’s the staggering achievement of Australia-based crypto casino, at least until it was hacked, that has come from nowhere to outgrow some of the biggest names in the legacy gambling and gaming world.

The significance of the pivot to Telegram by TG.Casino should not be underestimated. Today Telegram has over 1 billion users, of which 700 million are active on a monthly basis.

Signing-up, depositing and starting to wager using TG.Casino token can be done in under a minute in perhaps the most frictionless user experience to be found anywhere in the multibillion dollar online gambling industry.

However, there’s a key difference between the business model of the likes of trading sensation Unibot and TG.Casino.

Unibot charges a usage fee and taxes all trades of its token. Unibot, and projects such as Espresso and Bullet Game, all use a taxation model to catalyze fee revenue from trades, hands or plays.

Source / Messari

Source: Messari

It is a lucrative model, but TG.Casino token beats this approach hands down. Instead of using tax revenues to bootstrap interest, TG Casino relies on tried and tested casino methods to make a profit, using the Handle and House Edge. 

TG.Casino token holders get a slice of casino profits and staking yield too

But rather than just the house benefiting from the profits, as in legacy casinos, TG.Casino gives a slice to all token holders.

Token holders are rewarded, with stakers having the most to gain, because a portion of casino profits are used daily to purchase $TGC on the open market, via a decentralized exchange (DEX). In addition stakers earn the annual percentage yield (APY). 

As per the TG.Casino X account tweet, TG.Casino token’s APY for early stakers is 4,660%, providing ample encouragement for prospective buyers. At the time of writing the homepage presale raise total panel indicates that the APY is currently 4,168%.

Source / TG.Casino

The $TGC buyback is divided into two, with 40% of tokens burned and the remaining 60% used for rewards distribution.

Burning creates a value-enhancing deflationary economy for $TGC, while the rewards distribution incentivizes the sustained growth of the TG.Casino ecosystem and player engagement. 

Source / TG.Casino

Source: TG.Casino whitepaper

Also, ecosystem tokenomics are designed with fairness to the fore. There is no separate team allocation. Forty percent of tokens are allocated to the presale; 20% each to staking and the liquidity pool; and 5% each for marketing and affiliate partners.

TG.Casino token’s buyback mechanism provides price support and stability

Crucially, the buyback mechanism doesn’t just share the profits with token holders, it also brings stability to the price.

TG.Casino will side-step the downside of the Unibot business model, where, ultimately, its tax system can act as a drag on the token price.

This is part of the explanation for why the Unibot token price has fallen dramatically from its relatively recent all-time high at $240, after listing on Uniswap at $12.65 and is now priced at $53, as seen in the chart below:

Source / TG.Casino

TG.Casino’s total addressable market is $262 billion – buy today because $TGC won’t ever be available at this low price again

According to data compiled by Statista, in 2021 the global casino and online gambling industry market size was $262 billion. 

Within that, the market size of the online gambling and betting industry is $61 billion is forecast to rise to $114 billion by 2028.

Source / Statistica

Source: Statista

Suffice to say then, the potential total addressable market for TG.Casino is enormous and there’s all to play for. 

The team at TG.Casino has laid down the gauntlet not just to the legacy incumbents with their estimated 1.6 million employees worldwide and thousands of premises, but also to the nimble crypto upstarts.

$TGC token’s presale probably offers the lowest price that the coin will ever be available for. 

After doing your own research, placing a chip on TG.Casino provides one of the best chances in crypto that you will come up with a winning number. 

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.Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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