Escort Industry Tokenized by Swiss Blockchain Company

Escort Industry Tokenized by Swiss Blockchain Company

Cryptocurrency is known for its anonymity, and this works ideally in industries where privacy is valued. The escort and adult entertainment industry falls into this category. 

Blockchain can revamp the entire escort and adult entertainment industry by adding transparency and decentralization that it sorely lacks. 

bitcci is a group of public stock companies located in the cryptocurrency valley of Switzerland and Lichtenstein that will revolutionize this industry.

What is bitcci 

bitcci wants to decentralize and transform the current state of the escort and adult entertainment sector. It intends to build new products and services that will introduce the next-generation entertainment experience for users. 


bitcci achieves this with its payment token “bitcci Cash’’. The payment token enables entertainers, customers, clubhouses, and advertisers to benefit from different services. It also serves as a bridge between the company’s services and users, ensuring a sustainable ecosystem for everyone. 

As the bitcci ecosystem grows, the demand for bitcci Cash Token will increase directly, spiking its value. bitcci is a member of the prominent cryptocurrency valley and the Crypto County Association. 

bitcci features 

The bitcci ecosystem has different features designed to ensure that it is sustainable and achieves the intended goals. 

bitcci club: “bitcci club” is the name of the club management software that has been developed to help sauna clubs and brothel managers to manage their activities efficiently. It can be deployed within existing management systems with minimal operational and maintenance costs.

The software is currently integrated into four of the largest sauna clubs in Switzerland. More sauna clubs will license the software soon too.

bitcci portal and app

The bitcci portal “” and bitcci app that contains an integrated blockchain-based payment system “bitcci cash” and new live communication capabilities, like chat, phone, and webcam, is currently under development.

The portal and the bitcci app is expected to launch in Q4 2021, and bitcci expects to hit the milestone of 1 million registered escorts and adult service providers by Q4 2022. 

bitcci nightclubs

bitcci has already started preparing to build the “bitcci Nightclub Network” and buying plots of land. The bNN is a Network of premium class physical sauna clubs around the world. bitcci intends to build ten nightclubs in Europe before Q4 2022 as part of the first phase.

Following this phase, the company will expand to more regions globally.

bitcci ID and bitcci connect

bitcci is also building an API interface for government bodies. Regulators can use the interface to get secure and real-time access to all data of sex workers and escort providers inside the bitcci ecosystem. This will ensure that the bitcci Group AG and the whole bitcci ecosystem will be recognized as a professional partners by authorities.

Backed by influencers in the blockchain industry

bitcci was founded in 2017 by its CEO Christoph Elbert and is one of the oldest blockchain companies focused on the adult industry. The name bitcci is trademarked and coined from words including ‘’bitcoin’’, bitch and a famous Italian clothing brand.

The company consists of 3 public stock companies, with two more companies expected to be launched before the end of 2021. 

bitcci launched the private presale of its payment token, the bitcci cash token, and it sold out within 15 days. 

The bitcci cash Token

The bitcci cash Token is an ERC-20 token that is designed as a payment token for the bitcci ecosystem. It is used to pay for services including club membership and entry fees, restaurant consumption, live communication services, advertisements and much more. 

The bitcci cash Token has a total supply of 100,000,000,000 tokens that will be issued. The token distribution is as follows:

ICO Sale = 50%Private Presale =10%Founder allocation = 40%

The bitcci cash Token ICO 

bitcci has already launched the ICO (initial Coin Offering) for bitcci cash Token. The ICO is divided into 5 phases. Each phase has a target cap of 10 billion tokens, with the price increasing for subsequent phases. 

The minimum cap is 100 CHF ($110) ICO participants can only purchase bitcci cash Token with cryptocurrencies on the ICO platform. To learn more about bitcci and its ICO, here.  


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