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In the decentralised finance (DeFi) arena, a well-known crypto trader known as Smart Contractor is anticipating massive rallies for two altcoins. 

Aave, a decentralised lending and borrowing system, is one of the cryptocurrencies that might potentially soar in the next months, according to the pseudonymous trader’s 158,500 Twitter followers.

Aave linked with Ethereum (AAVE/ETH) is an indicator for what the asset could accomplish in its USD pair, according to Smart Contracter. 

Looking at the USD pair, he claims that if AAVE/ETH rips 50% off of this massive bull flag on a daily basis, the USD pair is likely already in an extended wave 3 on way to all-time highs.


The trader uses Elliott Wave theory, a technical analysis approach that seeks to anticipate price action by observing crowd behaviour in waves. By November, Aave would have completed its five-wave advance to a new all-time high of nearly $700, according to the trader’s chart. 

According to CoinGecko, AAVE is now trading at $411 at the time of writing.

SushiSwap, an automated market maker, is also on the trader’s radar (SUSHI). SUSHI has been changing its technical resistances into supports, according to Smart Contracter, and could finally break free of the pattern to reach new heights.

“Sushi has been making clean SR [support-to-resistance] flips the whole way up, but I suspect there will come a point sometime soon where it breaks away and starts a proper mark-up and SR flips become a thing of the past.”

SushiSwap’s (SUSHI/BTC) pairing with Bitcoin is another something the crypto trader is keeping an eye on. SUSHI/BTC is expected to challenge its 2021 high of roughly 0.000522, worth $24.71 at the time of writing, according to Smart Contracter.

SUSHI/BTC is in the midst of a wave-three rise, according to the trader’s chart, which is the longest surge in the Elliott Wave theory’s five-wave uptrend.

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