CLS Global’s Successful Project Launching Service for Edu3Labs

CLS Global’s Successful Project Launching Service for Edu3Labs

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CLS Global, a leading provider of crypto trading services, recently provided project launching services for Edu3Labs—an innovative tech provider bridging the connection between blockchain and education.

This piece will review the Edu3Labs project and its successful launch executed by CLS Global. 

Overview of Edu3Labs 

Edu3Labs aims to bridge the gap between blockchain and technology. According to the website, it seeks to “uncover the cutting-edge approach to education and content publishing” by integrating newfangled innovation. It is determined to revolutionize the education sector by incorporating immutable technology and artificial intelligence (AI). 


Edu3Labs currently offers personalized AI-driven learning, guaranteeing that students’ unique needs are met. Additionally, the project is actively engaging a broad community activities and has partnered with diverse brands to advance education. It is at the forefront of implementing and applying blockchain technology into the education system. 

Edu3Labs enables users to seamlessly access thousands of content across various fields of study. Course creators or writers stand to benefit from the platform as well; they earn commissions and passive income each time their content is resold on the secondary market. To achieve all of the aforementioned, the team has launched the NFE Token. As a decentralized token on the Edu3Labs ecosystem, NFE will facilitate interactions among content creators, students, and investors. 

The NFE Token will enable access to content, in-platform transactions, and multiple reward schemes. It promotes community participation—token holders can contribute to platform developments and earn rewards when they undertake tasks. Furthermore, it presents prospective investors with an impressive opportunity to make a profit from the future growth of the education-based platform. 

Edu3Labs’ Launch by CLS Global 

As a crypto trading service provider, CLS Global actively seeks to provide reputable value offerings to nascent and existing projects. It is fully invested in the long-term success of its clients, and since inception has been committed to delivering a variety of services some of which include consultation, market making, crypto trading, etc. The launch of Edu3Labs by CLS Global is one that saw the company employ a series of launch strategies and services ranging from influencer marketing to token distribution planning, exchange listing, market making, and marketing. 

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Edu3Labs announced the listing of the NFE Token on the MEXC Exchange after over 32.4 million MX was raised to support the listing. Since then, NFE has experienced massive success, recording an all-time high of $0.08355 just 12 after the official listing. While the token has seen a 47% drop in price, it currently has a trading volume of $287,845 and there are strong signs of an imminent price rise, according to data from CoinGecko. The success Edu3Labs’ NFT Token has seen since its exchange listing is down to the efficient launch mechanics and strategies deployed by the CLS Global team. 

CLS Global’s use of crypto marketing influencers and other reputable marketing strategies made NFE Token’s listing a success, no doubt, but the project’s core idea—to revolutionize the existing education sector—played an equally vital role. Edu3Labs’ commitment to delivering a genuinely decentralized ecosystem where content providers, students, and investors alike can benefit immensely from the sector is a standout offering in the space. Additionally, the founder’s—Mustafa Güler—credibility in the industry also contributed to the immense success it has experienced since its launch. 

While CLS Global constantly deploys tested-and-proven marketing strategies to guarantee clients’ success, their services are amplified when paired with a unique project with an essential offering, like Edu3Labs. 


CLS Global‘s market-making, crypto marketing, launch, and exchange listing support services played a crucial role in Edu3Labs’ success. Emerging and existing projects can leverage these services to record similar or more successful launches in the industry. The company has a clear understanding of the market and has created an identifiable and repeatable path to success. 

As mentioned, CLS Global is committed to delivering the best services to clients. The company’s long list of services, a team of experienced industry experts, and a host of crypto marketing influencers across social media platforms will help emerging projects and developers navigate the complicated aspects of the trillion-dollar crypto market. CLS Global is here to assist. 


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