Banksters X AMA Session With BeInCrypto

Banksters X AMA Session With BeInCrypto

Get ready for a special AMA session with Alexandru Carbunariu, the CEO of Banksters, hosted by BeInCrypto. Learn the ins and outs of how the trading and learning game Banksters is revolutionizing the crypto industry. Attending this AMA session is a must if you are either completely new to crypto or an experienced trader seeking a risk-free environment in which to try out new strategies. 

Being a market master is more important than simply making money. Get ready to learn crypto trading the smart way with Banksters!

AMA session with Banksters

BIC: We’re ready for our AMA session

Today we welcome the CEO of Banksters – Alexandru Carbunariu. Guys, I’m sure this AMA will be one of the most interesting AMAs I have ever hosted! 😏 



Here is how things will work. I’ll have some questions for Alex. After that, our guest will answer 2 most interesting questions previously chosen. Stay tuned until the end to find out who the winner is! 

You position Banksters as a Trading simulator game. How makes Banksters different from play-to-earn games?


Banksters stands out by focusing on education while reflecting real life events rather than being solely a Play-to-Earn crypto game. While Play-to-Earn games often focus around in-game currency and assets, Banksters places a strong emphasis on teaching real-world crypto trading skills, how NFTs work and even the highly technical how mining works.  

We aim to bridge the gap between gaming and cryptocurrency trading education, helping players learn about market dynamics, strategies, and risk management in a fun and engaging way. Banksters isn’t just about earning and ending the day; it’s about acquiring valuable knowledge.

BIC: Your project will certainly be interesting and will allow crypto newbies to plunge into crypto investment and trade by playing Banksters. Tell us more about how they can do this.


Absolutely! Banksters was designed to be used by everyone. Players start by choosing their Bankster avatar and then dive into a fantasy crypto trading world. They analyze Crypto markets, make predictions, and influence market dynamics in a fictional but realistic way, while having access to real-time charts and price fluctuation data. 

The game gradually introduces various aspects of crypto trading, from technical analysis to market psychology. As they progress, players can boost their Banksters’ abilities, gain a competitive edge, and earn rewards. It’s a hands-on, risk-free way for newcomers to gain practical experience in the crypto market.

BIC: And if we talk from the traders’ side, how can this game be attractive to them?


Experienced traders can also find the Banksters game attractive. It offers a unique blend of entertainment and skill development. Traders can test their strategies, test new approaches, and challenge themselves in a competitive environment. 

Banksters leverages real-world market pricing, making it an ideal platform for both traders and gamers to apply their skills without financial worries. Additionally, the game introduces a social aspect, allowing traders to compete with friends and peers while enjoying the immersive world of crypto trading.

BIC: Tell us who the Banksters are as characters in the game. I see that Banksters has 7 different character classes. How are they different from each other?


Banksters features a diverse set of characters known as “Banksters.” There are seven different character Classes: Hamster, Trader, Investor, Shark, Whale, Illuminati, and Reptilian. 

Each class has its own unique abilities and influences gameplay differently. For instance, a Trader Class might excel in technical analysis, while a Whale Class could have a skill for spotting market trends. The choice of class significantly impacts a player’s strategy and gameplay experience, adding depth and variety to the game.

The Hamster Class, in particular, offers a non-NFT and free entry point, allowing even more players to join the Banksters community and explore the world of crypto trading.

BIC: How can I develop my Bankster avatar during the game?


Developing your Bankster avatars involves various activities within the game. You can enhance your avatar’s abilities by using in-game currency earned through successful Invest Runs and challenges. 

As you progress, you’ll gain our in-game currency and the valuable $BARS tokens, unlock new features, and access higher-level content. Upgrading your avatars strategically and accumulating valuable assets is key to advancing in the game and becoming a formidable crypto trader.

BIC: What are the conditions for joining the game?


Joining Banksters is easy! Simply register and create your account. It’s open to players of all levels, from complete beginners to experienced traders. 

You can start with a free avatar called Hamster and gradually progress to more powerful characters as you gain experience and assets.

If you have any questions or issues, you can always reach out to our moderators in our Telegram & Discord groups and on X (formerly Twitter). We have a wonderful community.

BIC: What are the best strategies/lifehacks for winning and raising the level?


To succeed in Banksters you just need to play. 

While playing , you will understand market analysis, understand market sentiment, and staying updated on crypto news can be advantageous. 

Additionally, collaborating with other players, participating in Investment Runs, and wisely upgrading your avatar’s abilities can boost your chances of winning and leveling up.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different strategies and adapt to market changes.

BIC: Can users earn real money with this game?


While Banksters offers rewards and in-game assets, it’s important to note that the primary focus is on skill development and education rather than direct financial gains. 

Players can gain valuable knowledge about crypto trading, which they can later apply in real-life trading scenarios.

Earning real money through trading requires investing capital and taking financial risks, which is outside the scope of the game.

BIC: How is your game revolutionary for Web3 games?


Banksters is revolutionary in its approach to combining entertainment and education in the Web 3.0 gaming space. It brings real-world crypto trading experiences into a virtual environment, making it accessible and enjoyable for players of all backgrounds. 

This innovative blend of gamification and skill development sets Banksters apart and contributes to the broader adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

From our research, we can say that we might be the first project that fuses these concepts.

BIC: Do you have any bonuses or airdrops?


We periodically run promotions, bonuses, and airdrops for Banksters players.

We just provided  more than $100,000 NFT for our future players. 

Not only that, but we also reserved $BARS tokens to be unlocked gradually to reward the game activities and attract a bigger community.

We have more to come! Join our socials and start the Banksters Revolution. 

BIC: Do you have any NFTs that I can use to pump up my avatar and win everyone over?

Owning a higher Banksters Rarity Avatar can help you out with the extended skill set and the extra game features that you can utilize.

However, don’t get this wrong, you can win by owning a better Banksters. You will have to utilize your new features, skills, and build a winning strategy.

You will decide if your Bankster is going to be an elite trader. Strategy will win everytime.

BIC: Is it possible to make money playing right now? For example, by participating in tournaments. 


You can start playing Banksters right now and get rewarded through the live game streams we have on our social channels while playing with the community and team as well as Leaderboards and other cool stuff. For the best possible experience, join our Telegram community.

Also, we have an active Leaderboard for the Top 100 players. They will get an amazing reward from us, but we’re not allowed to say yet.

Also, the Top 1000 players that ever played the game will be awarded with amazing NFTs that will take their Banksters experience to the next level and prove that it’s a blast for everyone!

Start playing now for free: 

BIC: Ok! Alex, let’s move to the 2 best questions from our Community – the authors of them will get one Banksters NFT!

@tuanhung0222: Looking ahead, what partnerships, collaborations, or integrations does Banksters have planned to expand its reach and impact within the gaming and trading industries, both regionally and globally?


I will say something that other WEB3 gaming projects will hate. The key to adoption is onboarding more WEB2 users. Everyone says it, but no one acts on it. WEB3 builders often struggle to attract WEB2 users, and it’s essential to hire people with the right experience in acquiring them. At Banksters, we’ve hired WEB2 professionals to assist with this challenge. We are unlocking over $250,000 per quarter to acquire WEB2 users globally, leveraging our legal framework that allows us to market our product anywhere.

BIC: @andypham72: Can you provide more details on the token distribution and vesting schedule of $BARS, including the allocation percentages for different purposes and the associated cliff and vesting periods?


Up until this moment, NO tokens have been provided to anyone, including Influencers, KOLs, CEXs, and Launchpads. We will conduct an NFT sale featuring 2000 NFTs (Minting Scrolls) alongside a Token Sale – open to the public only – through which we aim to raise $700,000 with the support of 3 top-tier Launchpads. The token will be released gradually, with 20% upon listing and 20% each month for 4 months thereafter. Our Initial Market Capitalization (IMC) will be $320,000. The tokenomics have been designed for our community’s benefit, not ours. Banksters represents the NEW ERA of Crypto Projects. 

BIC: Great! Alex, thank you very much for your time and availability today! It was a very interesting AMA for sure!

That’s it guys!

Final thoughts

Thanks for tuning into our AMA with Alexandru Carbunariu! Today, we explored how Banksters isn’t just a game—it’s a stepping stone into the world of crypto trading. For beginners and seasoned traders alike, Banksters provides a fun and safe space to sharpen your skills and strategize without risk. 

Excited to learn more and win big in the crypto universe? Jump into Banksters and start your trading adventure.


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